Design and Construction of the Park


The design evolved from discussions among the steering committee and also visits to other Memorial Parks.  These main design concepts are:

  1. Utilize the existing location of the military tank and allow for additional military displays nearby.
  2. Monuments with the inscribed names of Jackson County citizens who died in combat will be prominently displayed.
  3. Include monuments for each branch of service and POW/MIA.
  4. Incorporate space for informational kiosks describing military conflicts and other military information.
  5. Provide for seating at various places in the park.
  6. Include brick pavers inscribed as requested by donors.
  7. Include a pavilion with bathrooms to encourage school field trips and use of the pavilion by other groups and organizations
  8. Provide easy access throughout the park site.
  9. Incorporate walking trails within the large 6 acre tract.
  10. Allow space for future museum

View the Memorial Park Site Plan Here


  1. Three additional military displays are in front of the park fronting Hereos Drive to complement the existing tank. Additional displays can also be added on the north side of the park.
  2. An Honor Wall of black granite will contain the names of Jackson County soldiers who died in combat.
  3. Black granite monuments for each branch of the Armed Forces, plus a POW-MIA monument will be located on the inner part of Monument circle.
  4. Monument Circle was designed to 100’ diameter to accommodate informational kiosks on the outer part of the circle. There will be 6 kiosks, each with a total of 6 individual panels with details of the various military conflicts and also other information on US military. You can view the Monument Circle Design Plan here.
  5. Black granite 4’ wide benches are located at various places in the park. They are engraved as requested by donors.
  6. Space for over 1,200 engraved brick pavers are incorporated into the main walkway to Monument Circle. (see separate page on BRICK PAVERS)
  7. An open pavilion 22’ x 36’ with two bathrooms is located next to the parking lot.
  8. The park and bathrooms are handicap accessible and easy walking. There are no steps anywhere within the park.
  9. The park includes about 2,000 feet of walkways that will connect to the city walking trail to the north and also to the Veterans Complex (baseball) to the south.
  10. Location is set aside for a future museum.


SEPT 2016 – Construction earthwork begins

LATE SPRING 2017 – Construction earthwork resumes after very wet winter/spring

OCTOBER 2017 – First concrete for Monument Circle placed

DEC 2017 – Yard drainage piping installed

Early 2018 – Concrete for Monument Circle completed

2018 – Concrete for walkways 90% completed; Flagpoles and flags installed and dedicated May 2018; additional military equipment display pads installed; landscape/seeding of front of property completed

2019 – Walkway and Monument Circle lights installed.  Black granite Honor Wall, five services monuments and the POW/MIA monument installed in April and dedicated on May 25, 2019.

SEPT 2019  Pavilion construction starts

DECEMBER 2019  Installation of the informational kiosks begins

AUGUST 2020  Pavilion completed and Pavilion dedication ceremony

OCTOBER 2020  Parking lot completed; Cobra display installed

NOVEMBER 14, 2020 Dedication of the Park

OCTOBER 2021 Construction of Patriots Walkway and addition of two military display pads



  • Installation of signage and also panels for 10 Medal of Honor recipients born in Alabama
  • Installation of five pads for benches
  • Installation of walkway lighting

Installation of support and Hunter UAV (drone)

Installation of surface-to-air Ajax missile support and missile

Addition of additional bollard lights for walkways

Addition of Huey helicopter (if able to obtain)


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