Brick Pavers

The entrance walkway to Monument Circle contains spaces for about 750  4 x 8 pavers and about 550 8 x 8 pavers.  For a donation of $100 for the 4 x 8 paver or $200 for the 8 x 8 paver, the paver can be engraved as directed by the donor.  Bricks can be purchased in memory/honor of a veteran or for other reasons, such as general support for all veterans.

The pavers have limited space for engraving

4×8 Pavers – 3 lines, 18 characters per line

8×8 Pavers – 6 lines, 18 characters per line

The paver forms with instructions are available in a clear holder on the Pavilion wall.

Panel Layout

The layout of the pavers on the entrance walkway is a repeating “panel”.  There are 8 panels each with 11 rows and 11 columns.   Panel “1” is located nearest to Monument Circle.

View the General Layout for the Brick Pavers here.

Individual Brick Paver Search

To assist in finding a specific engraved brick paver, a “paver index”, sorted by donor’s name is attached.  The index includes a reference #, donors name, panel number, row number and column number.

You can View and Search a .pdf of the current brick pavers here.

Also attached is a layout of each panel showing exactly where each paver is located within each panel.  Row numbers and column numbers provide quick reference to the paver index.Brick Paver Layout Panel 1

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