Funds for development of the Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County (VMPJC) come entirely from donations.  Over $900,000 has been donated in the form of cash, materials, equipment usage, services, and volunteer time.

  • Cash
  • Construction materials:  to be used in construction
  • Equipment usage: Use of construction equipment
  • Volunteers:  Donation of time in direct support of construction.
  • Services: Donation of expertise or professional services in support of the Park development

The following permanent items in the Park are available for donations:

  • Engraved brick pavers:   Available in two sizes:  4” x 8” ($100) and 8” x 8” ($200).
  • Park Benches:  Available in one size: 4’ wide ($3,500 donation).
  • Armed Forces monuments (6):  Donations can be made in any amount.  With a minimum donation of $5,000, the donor name will be noted on the monument
  • POW/MIA monument is the same design as the service monuments and will be located along with the service monuments.  Donation information is the same as the service monuments.
  • Park Entrance Plaque and Granite Base: with a minimum donation of $3,000, the donor’s name will be noted on the monument.
  • Donor Display: with a minimum donation of $4,000, the donor’s name will be noted on the monument.

Donations in cash, materials, equipment, and in-kind services of $500 or greater qualify for one of the following levels.

  • Titanium: $20,000+
  • Diamond: $10,000+
  • Platinum: $5,000+
  • Gold: $2,000+
  • Silver: $1,000+
  • Bronze: $500+

Donors for each level have their names on a Donors Panel displayed at the entrance to the Park.

Checks can be made payable to:

“Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County”

and mailed to:

Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County, 1616 Heroes Dr. Scottsboro, AL 35768


Brick Pavers

The entrance walkway to Monument Circle contains spaces for about 750 4 x 8 pavers and about 550 8 x 8 pavers.  For a donation of $100 for the 4 x 8 paver or $200 for the 8 x 8 paver, the paver can be engraved as directed by the donor. Pavers can be purchased in memory/honor of a veteran (living or deceased) or for other reasons such as general support for all veterans.

The pavers have limited space for engraving

4 x 8 pavers – 3 lines, 18 characters per line

8 x 8 pavers – 6 lines, 18 characters per line

The paver forms with instructions are available in a clear holder on the Pavilion wall

Individual Brick Paver Search

To assist in finding a specific engraved brick paver, a “paver index”, sorted by donor’s name is attached.  The index includes a reference #, donors name, panel number, row number, and column number.

(View and search a .pdf of the current brick pavers here)

Panel Layout

The layout of the pavers on the entrance walkway is a repeating “panel”.  There are 8 panels each with 11 rows and 11 columns.  Panel “1” is located nearest to Monument Circle.

(View the layout of the brick panels here)